Maxwell 15.01之缺陷【转发】

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DE28651 In 2D magnetostatic when using a demagnetization link, the mesh
in the source design and target designs must be identical. However, if you
have added mesh operations or additional adaptive passes in the target design
the software will enforce them causing the meshes to be different. There is
currently no error message, but postprocessing solutions in the target design
will fail (calculations may fail to evaluate and plots will show no fields).

使用退磁计算时(2D静态场),网格导入必须要完全相同。因此,在target design中设置要注意。

DE32794 - In 2D transient using dynamic demagnetization should not be used
in a design that is also using the advanced setting consider core loss
effect on field. Results are unreasonable if you attempt to combine these
2 functions.


DE33012 - In 2D transient models that do not have any windings defined,
current density output to the postprocessor is incorrect. You can add a
dummy winding to work around.


DE32768 - In 2D transient RZ models force calculations are incorrect in
passive conducting objects with eddy effects activated.


DE34048 - In 3D transient when using the advanced feature "Dynamic
demagnetization distribution", if a magnet is fully demagnetized and operating
in the 4th quadrant with very high field levels, the B and H field values
passed to the post-processor are not quite correct and would show points
on the extension of the BH curve instead of the expected location on a straight
line with Hc=0. This is a post-processing issue only, the solver is using the
correct values and field solutions are otherwise correct.

DE29212 and DE34138 In 2D transient RZ designs, solid losses are incorrect
in some cases due to an error in eddy current calculations.
2D瞬态场RZ模型中,solid losses在一些涡流计算中不正确。

DE33891 and DE34082 In 3D transient with rotational motion, when using a
magnet in the rotating part of the geometry that was defined using a
cylindrical coordinate system, vector plots of the fields will not show
correctly as the magnet rotates position. This is a post processing issue
only, the field solutions are correct in the solver and other quantities
(such as torque) are correct. You can avoid this issue by defining the
magnet using a Cartesian coordinate system.

In Maxwell 2D transient when working with demagnetization and temperature
dependence, the temperature dependence only takes effect if the radio button
in the BH entry dialog for the material is set to Intrinsic before leaving
the dialog. If you have Normal selected then the thermal modifier will be
ignored. Conversely, if you are not interested in temperature dependence you
should convert to the Normal curve before you leave the BH entry dialog.
In either case, you can enter the data in whichever form you like, but you
must convert to Intrinsic for temperature dependence, or Normal for all other

In 2D transient, dynamic demagnetization of nonlinear magnets with conductivity
and eddy effect turned on in the magnets, cannot be combined with coreloss
calculation with the advanced consider coreloss effect on field setting turned
on and with eddy effects enabled in the winding. This combination produces
incorrect results. The same combination will work if consider coreloss effect on
field is turned off.



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